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No Brainer Templates

If you're making the move to Movable Type from another blogging platform one of the first issues you will run into is template design. Unless you are willing to do some design work yourself or hand over some money for a design you are at the mercy of whatever you can find for free.

Movable Style is a site dedicated to producing free linkware templates (linkware requires a link back the the template site in exchange for use) for the default MT layouts.

You should be able to download the CSS file from Movable Style, open it up in TextPad, then paste it into the Stylesheet template. You'll need to upload any graphics files to the root directory of your blog, then rebuild. That's all it takes to get a new look quickly.

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Nice site for MT's 'default... (Below threshold)

Nice site for MT's 'default' templates. A good example of how the CSS can really change the look of a site without any change in the HTML.
But MT's default is boring. I'm not impressed. It all looks like MT with a facelift.






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