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Blog Chalking

One of the cool gadgets making the rounds is the Web Site Mix Master.

I visited Acidman's site (which I normally read via SharpReader) and it looks like it's been put through the Mix Master with a cat blog. It's like someone projectile vomitted furballs all over the site. It's hard to say what's funnier, the cat graffiti or the antipation of the recaction of Acidman upon his return from vacation. Tip: Guest authors should get post access only...

I wondered if it the Mix Master could do any better than DaGoddess - See the results. I'd say the answer is no...

Just for fun I wanted to see how the current cat content at GutRumbles (sure to evoke a frenzy of flying fur upon the return of the Top Dog) would play in Peoria. Actually the CatRumbles/InstaPundit mix was better.


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Comments (3)

That Reynolds/Acidman mix w... (Below threshold)

That Reynolds/Acidman mix was hilarious!

I mixed Brian's site with m... (Below threshold)

I mixed Brian's site with my layout, and somehow Misha came out as my esteemed spouse link.


That's wonderful! Cat Rumb... (Below threshold)

That's wonderful! Cat Rumbles indeed!






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