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Weekend Wrapup

I haven't done a Weekend Wrapup in a while, so I'll give it a shot. Some of posts from the weekend that deserve a read:

And one I forgot to mention earlier in the week:

  • This post by Lisa degenerated quickly into a discussion of penis enlargement span and other related topics.


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» Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon linked with The very worst system...

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Mr Kevin - thanks for the l... (Below threshold)

Mr Kevin - thanks for the link. I am anxiously awaiting my Wizbang Gang Bang or Wiz-alanche or whatever your fans call it.

I liked the Adobe genericide post... interesting!

Kevin: I followed the link ... (Below threshold)

Kevin: I followed the link back to Ben Hammersly's site. There is an outrageous post The very worst system, apart from all the others about foreign nationals getting involved in the election of our next president and why some feel that they should be allowed to do so. Make to read the comments also.

I don't do any poli blogging but you may want to alert those people that do to look this over and sound off. Maybe it's not too late yet to do something about this. Certainly it it points toward a forboding future.

Go check it out






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