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I Gave At McDonald's

Next time I see one of those bell ringers, I'll remind them where their $1.5 billion dollar gift actually came from... Happy Meals. I have bought, and will buy, enough of those to feed a small army. I wonder if I could claim McDonald's expenses as a charitable donation?

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Salvation Army announced Tuesday that it is receiving the largest gift ever given to a charity - a donation likely to exceed $1.5 billion from the estate of Joan B. Kroc, widow of the founder of McDonald's Corp.
That's going to buy a bunch of really nice houses for the Salvation Army captains. Somehow that controversy never got legs...

Comments (2)

It's the money McD's saved ... (Below threshold)

It's the money McD's saved from not re-signing Kobe Bryant!

Don't forget about security... (Below threshold)

Don't forget about security. Secureroot.org






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