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Offensive/Not Offensive

Cafe Press has some explaining to do...


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Wowie. My guess is they di... (Below threshold)

Wowie. My guess is they didn't realize what the logo was.

James--Could be. But how t... (Below threshold)

James--Could be. But how to explain this?

And <a href="http://www.caf... (Below threshold)

And this, this, this, and this.

Bizarre. Very bizarre.</p... (Below threshold)

Bizarre. Very bizarre.

This is an easy one to expl... (Below threshold)

This is an easy one to explain really. Obviously someone found Allah's blog offensive and extended that to his merchandise. They sent a complaint email and CP shut the site down pending response.

One of the original sites that was noted as offensive (the "Damn Jews" one) was complained about and removed.

Apparently CP doesn't police their own merchandise, but depend upon their users to be their police.

I'm not sure how Allah's merchandise is offensive... but the hypocrisy is easy to explain. (Not that that makes it right)






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