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The Hottest Game In Town

Celebrity trials as the engine for economic growth?

KPIX 5 - San Jose and San Mateo County are making competing pitches to the judge in the Laci Peterson trial to persuade him to move the trial to their courtrooms. The judge says he'll make a decision Tuesday.

San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Dan Fenton says this is the first time the bureau has actively gone after an out-of-town trial. "We just over-nighted a package," Fenton said.

The San Mateo County Visitors and Convention Bureau also over-nighted a promotional package to the Peterson judge. In its' pitch, San Mateo listed recreational activities for visiting reporters during trial recesses.

At stake are more than 1200 hotel room nights for legal teams throughout the three to six month trial -- and that's not counting restaurants. "Those dollars can add up," said Fenton. "Add to that the recognition that comes with having something like this in San Jose."

Alameda County and Orange County, in Southern California, are the other possible locations. There is no indication that they are actively courting the bench, but crack reporters should be monitoring the Modesto strip club circuit looking for "off the record" meetings.

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