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The UN takes on all of the most important issues of modern society...

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) - How to make the annual Alpine gathering of global movers and shakers more "human"? The World Economic Forum decided to ban neckties.

"We think it should be more relaxed, more informal," said forum spokesman Michel Ogrizek. "Why don't we just be normal human beings and just discuss together?"

For those who missed the announcement in documents sent ahead of time, a large poster at the entrance to the Congress Center on Wednesday's opening day showed a necktie surrounded by a circle with a slash through it.
The threat of a fine of 5 Swiss francs (US$4) - to be donated to the U.N. Children's Fund - prompted many sheepish male attendees to remove the offending fashion accessory right away.

Ah... it's For The Children™...

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Next year, let them keep th... (Below threshold)

Next year, let them keep their nice suits and ties, but make them take off their shoes and socks. Then there will be solidarity with the word's poor - and all those fancy business shoes can be auctioned off for charity.






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