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Howard Dean Remix

The Howard Dean Iowa concession speech has spawned a small army of remixers to create an ever expanding catalog of variants of the "meltdown" speech.

Audio Remixes

Dean Goes Nuts - A full (now famous) page full of remixes.
James Lileks - Dancing Dean
Barlow Farms - Funky Mix
The Mass Hole - Won't Get Fooled Again.
On The Fritz - Hellraiser
On The Fritz - Dean Techno Mix
Jim Treacher - Dean-liverance?
MTV article on remixes, with audio clips - Via InstaPundit.

LGF has the shriek isolated (for your remixing use)

All Encompasingly

If you find more, leave a link in the comments.

Update: More Dean humor at the Duck Hunt #7.


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Comments (3)

My nephew and I each made o... (Below threshold)

My nephew and I each made one a couple of days ago:

Hellraiser (Howard Dean Goes Nuts Edit)

[email protected] t3c#n0 by DJ Shayne

<a href="http://jimtreacher... (Below threshold)
Flash: Yeeargh! by Queen, ... (Below threshold)

Flash: Yeeargh! by Queen, Dean remix







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