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Osama In Chains?

Via a pundit who would know... A rumor from a suspect source, but still, it could make for an interesting weekend.

The denial has already been issued.

Update: It's not Osama, it's the supposed leader of the insurgancy in Iraq.


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Comments (4)

I'm hoping for Late October... (Below threshold)

I'm hoping for Late October.

Maybe I should devote a who... (Below threshold)

Maybe I should devote a whole Blog Category to OBL rumors.

It is either from the BBC h... (Below threshold)

It is either from the BBC hoax on Lebanon TV


or rumors in the financial markets (or both)


And do you give this partic... (Below threshold)

And do you give this particular "pundit who would know" any credence at all? Why should anyone believe him (or her)?






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