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Something In The Water

St. Louis area public officials are not having a good month...

Item 1:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - A stranger with a camera lurked outside a hotel room window in Maryland Heights one winter night in 2002, possibly waiting for the moment when the heater blew open the curtain just enough. When it did, he snapped pictures of a couple inside having sex.

Ten months later, a package containing those photos arrived in the couple's hands and sent them into shock. This week, it got the admitted photographer charged with a felony.

The couple went to the Maryland Heights police. Investigators tracked a post office box listed as the return address on the package to Timothy L. Chancellor, 36, of Columbia, Mo. Chancellor, then an investigator with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, had been at the Drury that night on a business trip, police said.

Investigators say Chancellor admitted taking the photos. He said that the couple had left the drapes wide open and that he had taken and sent the pictures to teach them a lesson about privacy. "This isn't Peeping Tom -- this is professional business," Chancellor told The Associated Press.

Item 2:
PINE LAWN, Mo. (AP) - A man's treasured $1,000 bill was returned by police who swapped it for more common currency at the mayor's request after the trucker was arrested.

Curtis Smith Sr., 71, had made several requests to have the rare bill returned without success. On Friday the city gave him the money back in exchange for 10 $100 bills. "I'm glad I got it back," the retired trucker said as he headed out the door.

According to an official report, after Smith was taken into custody Mayor Adrian Wright watched as police counted Smith's money, including the $1,000 bill, several $100 bills and a few $2 bills. Wright said he wanted the bill, which portrays President Grover Cleveland, "as a novelty item, as few people have ever had the opportunity to see a bill in that denomination."

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