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Wampum has their finalists for the 2003 Koufax Awards (think lefty) loaded up and ready for voting. Visit the main page to see all the voting posts in order.

Why do I like these awards, as opposed to the Bloggies? For one, they're run by honorable folks. Second the nomination process was open for all to see. And finally they seem to have done a good job capturing the best of their target - unlike the Bloggies.

As for the Bloggies, how many times can the same sites magically make it through the *cough* nomination *cough* process before people figure out the fix is in? Oh sorry, that was last year... I'm sure the process was much better this year. I mean there are so many more interesting blogs, you probably won't find muliptle nominations for Little Yellow Different, Will Wheaton, Kottke, etc.

That said a few good sites not previously over represented managed slip in among the all too familiar cast. Piss off the Bloggie crew and boycott the "regulars" and vote for sites like these:

An Unsealed Room


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Comments (5)

What's always amazing about... (Below threshold)

What's always amazing about these things is how many sites that are totally under my radar screen--and, indeed, not high on the TTLB Ecosystme--that manage to do well in them.

James,I know many,... (Below threshold)


I know many, many popular blogs - with thousands of daily readers who do not list themselves in the TTLB Ecosystem. In fact, there are less than 7,000 listed in TTLB.

TTLB only lists a small percentage of the roughly 2,000,000 + blogs out there - a very small percentage.

While it's pretty "common knowledge" that Instapundit is the most common blog out there, who knows for sure?

Thanks, Kevin. I think. ;)<... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin. I think. ;)

I've been a regular reader of both Dooce and Tenth Muse for a while. Good stuff, those. I think Dooce was one of the first blogs I ever started reading regularly.

Really. How many times can ... (Below threshold)

Really. How many times can those schmucks nominate Wil Wheaton?

Erica, it was meant as a co... (Below threshold)

Erica, it was meant as a complement. Frankly were it not for the few sites I listed (and a couple others I didn't) I wouldn't even bother recomending that folks vote.






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