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Golden Globes - Stream Of Conscious

Random notes from extended viewing...

What the fuck happened to J-Lo... She's fugly and orange to boot.

Sofia Coppola wins a best writing award. I was secretly hoping she would tee off on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (a group of critics). You've got to figure she still has the wounds from the savaging she took for her acting debut in The Godfather Part III

Ohh please, more shot's of Fergie. Is their some cheesy TV commercial category that explains her presence?

Is Sharon Stone getting chemo?

Does Diane Keaton wear the same outfit every year? She takes that whole Annie Hall thing too seriously me thinks...

Here's an AP recap of the awards.

Bill Murray has the acceptance speech of the night.

Gwen Stephani is gorgeous, but her hair was done in a cross between a beehive and a bike helmet.

Nicole Kidman is a year late on the Chicago-style costume.

OMG!!! Elton John is wearing a small animal on his head.

Paris Hilton jokes - 1
Howard Dean "yeeaaww" jokes - 0

Boob fairy recipients not implants - Mary Louise Parker, Kate Blanchete, Deborah Messing.


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Speaking of <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Sharon Stone, there's going to a be a Basic Instict 2! I love Sharon Stone.






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