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I'm Not Sending You E-Mail

For the record, I'm not e-mailing you zip files with viruses in them, regardless of what the headers say...

It's called [email protected] and it's spreading rapidly. See the details at Symantec, or an even better writeup at McAafe.

Update: Lair noticed it as well.

The real question is who would be stupid enough to open a zip file, and extract the executable file - thus infecting themselves?


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Comments (9)

Sure, Kevin. We've heard th... (Below threshold)

Sure, Kevin. We've heard that one before.


Now if it said Anna Korn... (Below threshold)

Now if it said Anna Kornikova Nude or something, then maybe...

Howard Dean?... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean?

Could be :-)Seriou... (Below threshold)

Could be :-)

Seriously I got my first copy of it from electjeffbyrd.com...

Haven't seen those, my .Mac... (Below threshold)

Haven't seen those, my .Mac account does a good job of catching them before they are downloaded onto my iBook.

I use mailwasher. They nev... (Below threshold)

I use mailwasher. They never even get downloaded for me.

I'm getting all mine from s... (Below threshold)

I'm getting all mine from spammers.

Damn them.

I was depressed because I w... (Below threshold)

I was depressed because I wasn't getting any. Of the latest virus-worm-spam-thingy emails.

Then I looked in the grease trap. There they are! Dozens of the little buggers!


Obviously a lot of people a... (Below threshold)

Obviously a lot of people are stupid enough to open them. My grease trap looks like Pixy's.






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