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But Al Gore Invented The Internet...

BigBustyInterns.com must have required e-mail registration.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (Reuters) - The archives of the Bill Clinton presidential library will contain 39,999,998 e-mails by the former president's staff and two by the man himself.

"The only two he sent," Skip Rutherford, president of the Clinton Presidential Foundation, which is raising money for the library, said on Monday.

One of them may not actually qualify for electronic communication because it was a test to see if the commander in chief knew how to push the button on an e-mail.

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The man was in office for e... (Below threshold)

The man was in office for eight years and sent two emails? Oh. My. Word.

In all fairness, two emails... (Below threshold)

In all fairness, two emails was almost certainly more than any other president who preceded him. ;)

I would think that when you... (Below threshold)

I would think that when you are President you don't have to send email. Plus, email leaves too much of a "paper trail."

Heh--the Al Gore thing occu... (Below threshold)

Heh--the Al Gore thing occured to me when I saw the story, too.

And Rob is right: When everything you do becomes public record, you don't want to send emails. Indeed, I read somewhere a couple years ago that George W. Bush was a rabid emailer but stopped cold turkey either during the campaign or upon taking office, for precisely that reason.

Wanna bet a chunk of the th... (Below threshold)

Wanna bet a chunk of the the rest were sent by Bill using an alias? I can believe that the OFFICIAL email was only used twice.

al gore didn't invent the i... (Below threshold)

al gore didn't invent the internet retards

AL GORE INVENTED THE INTERN... (Below threshold)


You'll retards... (Below threshold)

You'll retards






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