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Bands Reunited

I'm not sure if it's a function of my age or the bands (with the exception of Extreme), but I'm hooked on VH1's Bands Reunited show.

The host I could do without...

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The host can definately go,... (Below threshold)

The host can definately go, but reuniting DramaRama... Brilliant.

Now, if only they could reu... (Below threshold)

Now, if only they could reunite Peaches & Herb, they could sing "Reuinted."

They reunited the Alarm! I ... (Below threshold)

They reunited the Alarm! I miss their hair, but that was awesome.

And I thought I was the onl... (Below threshold)

And I thought I was the only person who said, "The Alarm!? Blaze of Glory! Yeaaahh Baby!" My wife gave me that look she always gives me when I talk about bands I listened to in the 80s. She can also quote you just about every song that mentions trucks, dogs, ex-wives and honky tonks.

Now if they'd just reunite Squeeze for a rousing rendition of "Annie Get your Gun" I'd be a happy man.

Squeeze is one of the featu... (Below threshold)

Squeeze is one of the featured bands, but I haven't seen it yet.






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