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PBS Petition

(Posted by Richard of The Temporal Globe)

We, at The Temporal Globe, have started a formal Petition to force PBS to recognize the site. We are looking for 10,000 signatures and expect that will take some time.

Once we have 10,000 signatures and PBS gives us the plug we will thank the signers by posting the full list of their names and blogs (if they have one) on the front page for all the PBS sent traffic to see.

Like I said this will take some time but every signature counts. So add you name to the Petition and when you do send me the address of your site to be included in the list. Look at this as an investment in the future. Your future.

Editors Note - This post was made during an open mic day at Wizbang, where anyone was allowed to post entries.


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Comments (2)

Is this a joke? Why would P... (Below threshold)

Is this a joke? Why would PBS recognize the site? What does that actually mean? How would a petition force them to do anything? How would being in a list of 10,000 names two steps removed from a traffic generator help to increase hits? Is there back story for this that would help it to make sense?

My question is, w/c site is... (Below threshold)

My question is, w/c site is he talking about? His?






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