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To Reunite or Not Reunite

To piggyback off yesterday's VH1 Reunited Post:

Which band would you most like to see reunite, and which song would you like to see them perform?

Which band would you most definitely NOT like to see reunite? Why?

Please avoid bands that never had a hit, and bands who's members are mostly dead. Seeing Paul and Ringo "reunite" is just....shiver.

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I know you said no dead peo... (Below threshold)

I know you said no dead people, but...what I wouldn't give for one more "Rat Pack" tour. Frank, Sammy, and Dino -- nothing could be hipper.

I guess I'll break the "no ... (Below threshold)

I guess I'll break the "no dead people" rule too and say that I would love to hear the Allman Brothers play at the Fillmore East with all the original members. And I'd like them to play Blue Sky.

I'll break the no dead peop... (Below threshold)

I'll break the no dead people rule and say Crosby, Stills, & Nash.


Actually, I'd pay a ton to go to the Dead Concert that was written about in one of my college's April Fool's articles: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Lynnrd Skynnrd.

Uhm, Paul and Ringo - despi... (Below threshold)

Uhm, Paul and Ringo - despite two of them are dead, people who never got to see the beatles perform should still have the opportunity to even witness HALF of the Chemistry from the fab 4.






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