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C Listers

Last we heard from Margo Kidder she was discovered in someone's backyard raving about people being after her. Beverly D'Angelo is the mother of Al Pacino's twin children, and he's been fighting her for custody while his people are anonymously trashing her in the gossip rags. Apparently it's not too easy to cash in on C-list celebrity status without a little nudity added to the mix...
Page Six -- Beverly D'Angelo (NSFW) was selling nude, signed photos of herself for $100 at an autograph show at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in L.A. the other day. Margot Kidder (NSFW) was hawking topless photos. An emaciated Kate Jackson - "Her face resembled a razor blade," said our man on the scene - didn't show any skin but drew the longest line.
NSFW - Not safe for work.

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Good lord...MARGOT KIDDER? ... (Below threshold)

Good lord...MARGOT KIDDER? She was a dog when she appeared in the Superman flix -- how in the HELL did she ever attain any kind of celebrity?

Worse: what kind of total losers would want a nude photo of Kidder?

Yeah, but D'Angelo was *hot... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but D'Angelo was *hot*!

The question is, when were ... (Below threshold)

The question is, when were the nude pictures taken? It matters.






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