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Wizbang Ultimate Survivor Contest

If you're a Survivor fan you're probably reved up for Survivor All Stars, premiering Sunday night after the Super Bowl. Eighteen former Survivors are back to battle each other for the ultimate title. Time to put a little blogstyle fun into this season...

Wizbang Ultimate Survivor Contest

Leave your pick for the ultimate winner of Survivor All Starts in the comments. Comments are linkable at Wizbang, so feel free to link to your entry as proof of your prognostication skills.

Entries close right before the first episode airs (Sunday February 1). The winner(s) will find out after the results of the last tribal council are announced.

Prize: The winner will get a free two week BlogAd at Wizbang to do with as they please (within reason). My initial inclination is to give ads to all winning entries, but it's hard to gage how many ads that may cost me, so in the event of multiple winners I reserve the right to use a tiebreaker. Not planning on it, but I don't want to be accused of changing the rules after the fact.

Update: Kevin Drum informs us that there's a football game before hand. Think of it as an extra bonus...

Tivo Alert - Don't forget to add time to the end of your recording - just in case.

Comments (9)

I'm gonna go with Rupert si... (Below threshold)

I'm gonna go with Rupert simply because he was such a favorite in the last episode and probably the freshest on people's mind. Plus, I think everyone will give him the sympathy vote for getting shafted by his tribe.

I'm going with Rob from Ama... (Below threshold)

I'm going with Rob from Amazon. I'm a Rob groupie. That is all.

My guess is Colby. I'd like... (Below threshold)

My guess is Colby. I'd like to see Rupert, but I think Colby will win this time around.

I'm sticking with <a href="... (Below threshold)

I'm sticking with my prediction for Rob M. to take it all.

Ok...Rudy (just to be diffe... (Below threshold)

Ok...Rudy (just to be different)

Colby all the way!!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

Colby all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord, Kevin. Until I see th... (Below threshold)

Lord, Kevin. Until I see the first episode, I won't have a clue. I'll take Rupert for $500, I guess, just because I like him.

You know I'm all over this stuff, though. I'll do a little post-show blogging later tonight to discuss theories!

Richard from #1 is my pick.... (Below threshold)

Richard from #1 is my pick.

Gotta go with Rudy. Crotche... (Below threshold)

Gotta go with Rudy. Crotchety ol' bastard that he is.






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