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January Top Referrers

Thanks to all of the sites that sent traffic to Wizbang last month. Via AweStats I find the Wizbang had 88,604 visitors and 182,131 pages viewed last month. The top twenty referring sites for January will stay on the sidebar for the rest of the month. The top referrers for January were:

  1. InstaPundit
  2. Words at Arrakeen
  3. Jon Brusco's Blog
  4. A Yobbo's View
  5. Master Ninja
  6. On The Fritz
  7. Suburban Blight
  8. Vodka Pundit
  9. Movable Type
  10. Outside The Beltway
  11. Allah Is In The House
  12. A Small Victory
  13. Electric Venom
  14. Backcountry Conservative
  15. Discount Blogger
  16. Patterico's Pontifications
  17. Diversionz
  18. Matthew J. Stinson
  19. Power Line
  20. Rambling Webgirl

Update: I just noticed that Wizbang passed the 500,000 visitor mark this evening. The 500,000th visitor came from either Bad Money, Outside The Beltway, The American Mind, swirlspice, or Martinis, Persistence, and a Smile. I'm too tired to figure it out, so you can all share the honor (or dishonor)...

Comments (3)

Since no one else has claim... (Below threshold)

Since no one else has claimed the honor, I will.

You're welcome!

[pointing]Hey Sean... (Below threshold)


Hey Sean! Look over there!

[sucker-punching him with a blackjack to the temple]

I'll take that honor.

Ow, my pancreas!... (Below threshold)

Ow, my pancreas!






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