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Missing Teen Found

A Loudoun County Virginia teenage girl, missing since Dec. 12, 2003, has been found unharmed in White Oak, MD after being featured on America's Most Wanted
A 17-year-old girl, who was feared to be have been abducted, was found safe tonight in White Oak, Maryland. Her recovery is the direct result of her case being profiled on Fox Television's America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back.

Police in Leesburg, Virginia had been looking for 17-year-old Christa Rogaliner since her apparent disappearance on December 12, 2003. Christa had skipped school that day and drove her parent's car to the Dulles Town Center mall.

Cops say Christa apparently damaged the family's 1993 green Ford Escort station wagon and asked workers at the mall for directions to an auto parts store. She was last seen standing near the car in Reston and talking on a cell phone.

The car was found abandoned the next morning in a Reston, Virginia neighborhood with the keys in the ignition and a present for Christa's older sister in the back seat. The family originally believed that Christa was afraid to come home because she damaged the car.

When her case aired on America’s Most Wanted, tips immediately began flowing into the show’s hotline. One tipster said Christa was living with an elderly woman in the town of White Oak, about sixty miles away from her last sighting. Two Leesburg Police Detectives and two agents from the FBI went to the residence and located Christa. She admitted that she is indeed Christa Rogaliner.

The elderly woman is not a suspect in the case. Detectives believe she was a Good Samaritan who took Christa in and gave her a place to stay.
How strange is it that someone would so fear facing their family over a damaged car that they would run away? It is indeed a happy ending, but I suspect there is much more to the story than we've been told.

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Especially a '93 Ford Escor... (Below threshold)

Especially a '93 Ford Escort! Green, no less!

Teenagers can do some mighty irrational things, though.

I dunno. Depends on her fam... (Below threshold)

I dunno. Depends on her family. It might have been a very rational thing to do. And it might not really be a happy ending.

This IS a very happy ending... (Below threshold)

This IS a very happy ending indeed! I know the girl's mother personally and she is a very loving, caring mother who has high expectations of her children. Sometimes, we make decisions on the spur of the moment only to get caught up in it. The longer she was away, the harder it was to admit what happened. It is a circle that would be tough to break. This situation was a lesson to more than just the Rogaliner family.






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