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The Obvious Hypocrisy

So the "special guest star" of the half time show was Janet Jacksons right breast, and the ads were mostly unintersting... At least the second half was suspenseful (if a direct ripoff of the Rams/Pats game two years ago). Tell me you didn't know that Vinatieri was going to get redemption when the Panthers scored with 1:40 left. Like everything else on TV now, this Super Bowl was a repeat...

Funny how a Truth anti-tobacco ad meets with the alleged 'no issue ad' rule at CBS, yet the moveon.org Bush in 30 seconds ad doesn't.

Lauren notes the "murky" standards at CBS.


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Comments (3)

Excuse me? The King of Blog... (Below threshold)

Excuse me? The King of Blog Porn has no link to a video of the somewhat-naked breast?

I wasn't paying attention to her show and didn't even know it happened. Really. Who cares?

Oops. Just read down the pa... (Below threshold)

Oops. Just read down the page. Never mind.

The Truth and ODCP ads were... (Below threshold)

The Truth and ODCP ads were considered "PSAs" -- annoying or not, that's why they made the cut.






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