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My Travels

No this in not an electoral map, it's a thumbnail of all the states I've visited. Yes I am aware a lot of other sites have featured this shtick over the last few day...

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Create your own map.

Comments (8)

Dear God man! No Oregon?!?... (Below threshold)

Dear God man! No Oregon?!?!! You're missing out.

Honestly, I don't know how ... (Below threshold)

Honestly, I don't know how I missed out on Oregon. I grew up in Southern California... you'd think I would have made it there once...

I dunno what, if anything, ... (Below threshold)

I dunno what, if anything, you missed in Oregon...

But if you've never been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans....

Ya just ain't lived.

Paul, do we need to take th... (Below threshold)

Paul, do we need to take this outside?

I'm a little biased, but Oregon is by far the most beautiful place on earth.

Yeah, it's pretty, but damn... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it's pretty, but damn, it's got a lot of nuts in it. Must be its proximity to San Francisco.

Anyway, I think you and Gar... (Below threshold)

Anyway, I think you and Gary Farber are just lying to impress the rest of us. I don't buy that you've been in all those states. Flying over them doesn't count.

Meryl I've actually been in... (Below threshold)

Meryl I've actually been in all of them. I've got at least 3 cross country drives under my belt, and I traveled on business a lot prior to the kids being born.

Three times cross country a... (Below threshold)

Three times cross country and your never did Interstate 10? (Starts in Jacksonville FL and ends in LA. Hits Alabama, Miss. Lousiana,Texas,New Mex,Arizona.) Also, what have you got against the Dakota's?

I agree Oregon is very pretty, but it is easy to miss out on - there are very few "name" spots to visit. People just don't talk much about the Columbia Water Gap, or Crater Lake. And Portland is not the most exiting city in the country. Actually, it's the most exiting big city north of SF and south of Seattle...






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