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Blogging For Bucks

I saw this site BlogsToRiches and almost fell out of my seat laughing. For the low, low price of $47, someone you've never heard of will tell you how to get rich blogging. What a crock of shit.


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Comments (12)

Shit, I'll tell y'all for $... (Below threshold)

Shit, I'll tell y'all for $29.
Beat that, geekboy.

$19.99 here, folks.... (Below threshold)

$19.99 here, folks.

For enhanced hilarity, chec... (Below threshold)

For enhanced hilarity, check out his blog at http://www.jimkukral.com/myblog.shtml

Thanks for the free promo. ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the free promo. Laugh all you want, my book helps people learn how to make money. Have a great day!

Jim, please tell us of one ... (Below threshold)

Jim, please tell us of one person who's bought your "guide" so that we may all collectively point and laugh at them.

STOP! I think it is a scam... (Below threshold)

STOP! I think it is a scam to get people's credit cards and/or bank account numbers! hehe

Jim, I think you'd make mor... (Below threshold)

Jim, I think you'd make more money if you put out an e-guide showing people how to make money using porn.

I think what you're forgetting, actually no you're not forgetting, is that for all the ads and advertising schtick you'd have people do that people still have to make people come to their blog. The average blog gets what? 50 clicks a day? And much of that is poorly converting traffic.

EVERYONE ;-) knows that the only money making venture on the Net is pornography, and even porn has a poor click conversion rate of 1:200,000. Most bloggers would piss themselves if they ever got 200,000 in their lifetimes let alone 1 day.

I couldn't help it. I had ... (Below threshold)

I couldn't help it. I had to subscribe to his newsletter. But pay for anything? I think not.

It's value, not price. Tha... (Below threshold)

It's value, not price. That's why I charge $10,000 for my exclusive blog-for-profits secrets. My record is unblemished.
It's a null set but it's unblemished.

Smut Peddler you hit the na... (Below threshold)

Smut Peddler you hit the nail on the head. Maybe the mystery PDF teaches you how to be a porn blogger?

You'd be surprised at how m... (Below threshold)

You'd be surprised at how many people believe that one can truly get rich from blogging. I've read discussions on various blogs on how to turn them into "business plans". That business plan involves begging for donations. I wonder if he has that chapter in his book preceding the chapter entitled, "Smoke a Big Crack Pipe".

Sugarmama, you're killin' m... (Below threshold)

Sugarmama, you're killin' me. Warn a girl when you're going to use a spit-monitor line, willya?






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