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Laptop Lobbying

Just because you dress it up under the pretty name "laptop lobbying" doesn't mean it's not spam. They're on the news bragging about spamming most of the state. If you get one of these messages point their ISP to this post or the linked article and get them TOS'd.
WBAL - ANNAPOLIS, Md. - State lawmakers and the governor are gambling on slots to balance Maryland's budget. But a coalition of slots opponents are doing what they call laptop lobbying, WBAL-TV 11 News reporter David Collins reported.

With a click of a mouse, some 1.6 million households have received anti-slot e-mail messages that urge residents to join the cause by faxing letters of opposition to the point of shutting down the fax machines of the governor and other pro-slots lawmakers.
Marylanders here are the nice folks that are spamming you.

Comments (2)

Spam: the best way to chang... (Below threshold)

Spam: the best way to change hearts and minds. Way to go, haha. ;)

Once again, I'm soooooo hap... (Below threshold)

Once again, I'm soooooo happy I moved to Virginia from the PRM.






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