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Textile 2

Brad Choate has just released MT Textile 2. If you want to see the cool text feature that are easy to implement with Textile 2, go here. I'm now a big fan of MT Textile, but I swear I need a cheat sheet next to the monitor to remember all the formatting options.

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I have it installed but mai... (Below threshold)

I have it installed but mainly just so that I can use SmartyPants to automatically take care of the em dashes, hypens, and such.

That's how I started, but o... (Below threshold)

That's how I started, but once I saw I could do other things I was hooked.

Woo hoo! Now I have somethi... (Below threshold)

Woo hoo! Now I have something to do tonight besides watch Part 2 of the Hollywood round on American Idol!

Ok, maybe I'm missing somet... (Below threshold)

Ok, maybe I'm missing something but... couldn't we do all of that with HTML tags before?

You can, Kate, but if you l... (Below threshold)

You can, Kate, but if you learn the Textile syntax coding is faster. The rub, of course, is that you have to learn the Textile syntax, which for many people will extract a higher opportunity cost than just using old-fashioned HTML :-)

I use Textile (well, PyText... (Below threshold)

I use Textile (well, PyTextile) for all my blogging, and it's very cool. At some point I'll probably end up porting the Textile 2 syntax myself, since Mark Pilgrim has orphaned the PyTextile project.

For the WordPress users out... (Below threshold)

For the WordPress users out there, Adam Gessaman has released a WordPress plugin for Textile 2 that emulates all of Choate's features. It's based on Jim Riggs's PHP port of Brad's Perl module.

In part because they weren't very well documented, I just made up a comprehensive reference table for the 157 handy character replacement macros in Textile 2 (e.g. {Y=} produces the Yen symbol). You can find that here.






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