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The Paris Zoo

Paris HiltonParis Hilton - porn star, turned TV star, turned Wacko Jacko?

This story from The Sun is truly odd:

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was thrown off a plane for trying to take a GOAT on board. The society babe, 21, also had a monkey and a ferret when she turned up for the flight.

Paris said: “The flight attendants thought I was insane. They were like, ‘This isn’t a travelling circus - you’re not bringing a goat on the plane’.”

Paris had to take the pets home to Los Angeles in a six-hour limo drive.

Perhaps she's gathering up the animals for a stage show?


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Comments (4)

She's clearly in training f... (Below threshold)

She's clearly in training for her show. She's tired of being perceived as dumb, so she's studying up on goats so she'll appear more clued-in. We should be applauding her efforts rather than mocking her.

When she begins tanning exc... (Below threshold)

When she begins tanning excessively, gets a chimp, buys a ranch named after a kid's story, THEN I say we can officially add her to the Jackson clan. :)

When she begins tanning exc... (Below threshold)

When she begins tanning excessively? Hello?! She can mark that one off the list. Done!

She might be tan now, but i... (Below threshold)

She might be tan now, but imagine if she suddenly turned nigh-unto-black...even tan now, she's still a far cry from Wacko Jacko's original color.






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