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Bad News In Kidnapping

Everyone's worst fears have come true.
SARASOTA, Fla. - The dead body of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia has been found, five days after her apparent abduction, Sarasota police said Friday.said Friday.

Sarasota County Sheriff Bill Balkwill refused to say where her body was found, saying it is an active crime scene.

He said Joseph P. Smith, 37, has been charged with her murder. He is believed to be the tattooed man in a mechanic’s shirt who was seen in a car wash surveillance video leading Brusia away by the arm Sunday evening, authorities said.

Police said Thursday that Smith was "not cooperating" with investigators, although they were “certain” that his vehicle was used to abduct Brucia.

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That's so sad. ... (Below threshold)

That's so sad.

Am I the only one who think... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who thinks this Smith guy deserves to die a slow and painful death?

Am I the only one who th... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who thinks this Smith guy deserves to die a slow and painful death?


He deserves a great deal of... (Below threshold)

He deserves a great deal of pain- to the nth time of whatever he put her through.

He deserves a great deal... (Below threshold)

He deserves a great deal of pain- to the nth time of whatever he put her through.

And if he sexually assaulted her...well, let's just say this is one case where the death penalty would not be the optimum sentence.

Every time I've heard this story on the news tonight, I just look over at my 11-year-old daughter and fight to hold back the tears.

i think he should be turned... (Below threshold)

i think he should be turned over to me i would make him wish he was never born, cuz carlie didnt deserve this.That bastard just dont know how many lives he ruined be messing with her, i have a 8 yr old niece and if ANYONE would even make her feel uncomfortable in any way i would rip em to shreds. i wish this guy die a slow and painful death

My prayers are with the fam... (Below threshold)

My prayers are with the family of this poor child.
As for Smith, he has to stand before God.

We're two pet cats, Bumper ... (Below threshold)
Myrna Wittlin:

We're two pet cats, Bumper and Precious Puss, who feel there is nothing more valuable than LIFE, and to be taken by a dangerous person, who should not have been out of prison, is a comment on our judicial system. This violent person took the life of a diamond and destroyed her family forever. May her tragic loss not be in vain.

What a sick man. He should ... (Below threshold)

What a sick man. He should be hung by the balls, till his death. I pray for Carlie's Family...
His poor family , what has he done to them also...

I agree with all the above ... (Below threshold)

I agree with all the above comments. Solutions? The defense idiots that get these bastards acquitted, (as Smith was several years ago for child abduction/false imprisonment)....whomever is responsible for getting these bastards out of jail should be held accountable for their actions!!! Prosecute them right with him! The scum bag does deserve death....I heard the day after Carlie's body was found that Prosecutors were "considering" the death penalty...so, I pondered....""What does that mean? Could it mean that if Carlie had instead been one of their family members that they would consider allowing him to live?" I surely don't think so. I am so angry, devastated, hurt so deeply....my heart is totally broken. I cannot get the image of that surveilance video out of my head, and just want to cry alot.....I ponder again..."maybe it would be easier for me if they would now show the "bastard" being punished slowly to death?" Well, no, I know it would not take away the pain, nor bring Carlie back, but, I can tell you that I would greatly appreciate the effort!!! We must all follow this case....pay attention to what comes of it.....and, not let it drop if our supposed "justice system" lets us down yet again. Is anybody else out there appalled at the idea that a child is better off and given more justice if bitten by a rabid dog than when attacked by a piece of garbage like Smith? Think of it....if bitten by a rabid dog, a child can be cured with injections of medications, and the dog is IMMEDIATELY disposed of......When attacked by a piece of garbage like Smith, he assures the child's death, and actually can appreciate more rights than a rabid dog.....he could very well be back on the streets to perform his act again in our future.....God forbid any vigilante justice, too. If a good citizen were to kill a piece of garbage like Smith, we would surely get the death penalty!!! Or life in prison.....yet, we good citizens and our children continue to be victimized by these bastards that our supposed justice system keeps throwing out into OUR backyards.....why don't they put a few in their OWN backyards? Oh, and I hope that there is somebody out there that can relay a message to Smith himself that he is a worthless, weak, piece of shit wimp to have gone after a chile....what the hell is the matter with these wimpy excuses of supposed "men????" that they attack little girls....might make you feel strong, but, WE ALL KNOW BETTER, STUPID!!!!!! And, alot of people now wish they could have a hand on the switch, poised to pull the handle....after he is made to suffer in horrible ways that would scare him in ways he has never imagined.....does this jerk have any idea how many people he has outraged? I won't break a law over this....that is for idiots like him, but, I can tell you that I am hopeful that he does suffer....a bit of prison justice....cept the piece of shit probably likes that, so I hope that some prisoners are as angry as we are, and they see to it that he goes through hell.....maybe they will take care of this bastard before our "justice" system can waste any of our money and time on the prick. Sorry to have written so very much, but, I am so offended by how much this crap is allowed to happen....it is time to stop it!! is such a shame that the idiots that could stop it won't open their eyes. I hope they all have to see that surveilance video, and then that they cannot rest until they start punishing these scumbags, when it is so obvious that they are the one who committed a crime!!!!! They have DNA, he told them where the body was.....what the hell is the question?

I am very upset and devesta... (Below threshold)

I am very upset and devestated by this murder. Carlie was so innocent and had a whole life ahead of her; she was a beautiful person and missed by so many people. I did not personally know her, but I am very upset about what happened. How was she killed? Did he sexually abuse her? I really feel bad and thought about her alot; especially yesterday when she was buried. Too bad for all. I really hope that justice is served and that all of us will realized that criminals cannot walk the streets because they are given a chance.
God Bless Carlie and thank you for the opportunity to share my feelings with everyone.

I think that this guy need ... (Below threshold)

I think that this guy need to receive the same pain that this poor little Carlie went through, ahhhh, this irritates me knowing that men are out there kidnapping/molesting/killing innocent little girls.....come on get a LIFE.....GOD WILL DO JUSTICE......my thoughts and prayers are with the family.........

I live down the street from... (Below threshold)
barbara taylor:

I live down the street from Carlie's house,it has been very hard to watch the string of cars and well wishers go to her house,stand around with nothing much to say,wanting to say something. the outpouring from Sarasota residents is very sincere and it hurts us all,God bless the family, we ae so sorry!






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