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BOTD - Primal Purge

Anna is funnier than you, she's sexier than you, she takes month long vacations, she has a stable of hairless man slaves... you should hate her right? Wrong. I present for your consideration, Anna on low carb diets:
Another little side effect from lack of carbs are crazy dreams. Like the one I had last night. I was snow skiing and instead of my Rossignols, I was doing moguls on two thick slabs of maple bacon that were previously waxed at the lodge with congealed bacon grease. And I clearly remember dreaming that if there were an avalanche, I could nibble on my "skis" until help arrived or I'd have a fabulous aromatic flare signal, if you will, for the St. Bernards.
Primal Purge is the Blog Of The Day. If you're not regularly checking in, you're missing out.


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