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Blogs To Riches

Last week I told you about BlogsToRiches, available for the low, low price of $47. John Hawkins and Laurence Simon both offer up actual advice on making money from you blog. Both agree riches are not likely, but extra income is possible.

During my period of unemployment (which if all goes as planned will end this week - knock on wood) a few folks have suggested that I turn my technical skills into a blog business opportunity. I thought about it, but having worked with Stacy, Robyn, and Joni I know that blog designers are seriously underpaid. There's not even a market for blog plumbers, which would be closer to what I do.

If I could make plumber rates it might be worth it. The problem is most stuff is free or cheap when it comes to blogs. You don't see a lot of $100 an hour work in this space. You don't even see a lot of $10 an hour work.

I'll keep doing it the old fashion way, as favors.

Many have said "thanks" with money and/or gifts, which is always appreciated, but never required.

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Unfortunately, paying signi... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, paying significant money for blog design is hard to justify given the fact that it's a money losing proposition to begin with. Paying $500 is almost unthinkable and yet, given the time it takes to create several templates to show to a prospective client and then do all the coding and whatnot, probably not a very good hourly rate at all.

One would think the "plumber" service would be in rather high demand but, again, I think the economics can't be favorable within the blogging community.

I design for postcards, but... (Below threshold)

I design for postcards, but it's not exactly an open deal. I just like postcards from all over, I guess.

The design work I do is mos... (Below threshold)

The design work I do is mostly because I enjoy both the technical as well as the artistic side of the job. It is completely on the side and does not pay well at all on the hourly side. It is more of a hobby than a business (although it does help keep my kids in private school).

My favorite part of doing it is when my lovely wife sits beside me and helps on the artistic side.






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