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Trot Out The Twins

Here they come!

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush's twin daughters may take part in their father's re-election bid after they graduate from college this spring, first lady Laura Bush said Thursday. [...]

``They are terrific girls they are getting ready to graduate from college and we'll see when they graduate,'' Mrs. Bush said. ``You know, this will be really their first campaign that their dad has run that they are really old enough to be involved.''
John Kerry has two twenty something daughters as well. Perhaps the four of them will debate on MTV...

Via ElectaBlog, a new advertiser.


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Comments (8)

The shorter-haired one bear... (Below threshold)

The shorter-haired one bears a distressing similarity to her father.

they'll drink both of kerry... (Below threshold)

they'll drink both of kerry's daughters under the table.

My fondest wish is that the... (Below threshold)

My fondest wish is that they show up at a campaign stop piss drunk and covered in vomit. It could be like the drunk girl skit on SNL! *grin*

Hm. Personally, I've never ... (Below threshold)

Hm. Personally, I've never found "covered in vomit" funny. Unless it happened to me, which means I was piss drunk myself at the time and therefore not to be consulted on matters of humor or, frankly, anything else.

Was your usage of the word ... (Below threshold)

Was your usage of the word "trot" some sort of Freudian slip?

D'oh. What hotties. Props t... (Below threshold)

D'oh. What hotties. Props to G.W. and L. for having such attractive daughters.

“They are terrific girls...... (Below threshold)

“They are terrific girls..."

Laura Bush

terrific adj. [L terrificus terrere to frighten: see TERROR & -FIC] 1 causing great fear or dismay; terrifying; dreadful; appalling

What kind of person are you... (Below threshold)

What kind of person are you for your fondest wish to be two young ladies who never asked for this scrutiny "show up at a campaign stop piss drunk and covered in vomit". You're sick and desperately need some meaning in your life!






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