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Worthless Technology

If anyone ever tells you that using software mirroring in Windows 2000 (or XP) is a good idea, beat the shit out of them. Sure when it's working you'll feel all warm and fuzzy, but if (heaven forbid) the primary hard disk dies there is a better than average chance you're SOL. First of all even if you switch the jumpers and remove the first disk, the second disk will not boot. Assuming you do all the research and make a NT boot floppy, then you may be in store for endless BSOD's.

Get a IDE Raid Controller and use hardware RAID.

This message brought to you by a techie who's devoted 10+ hours to trying to salvage anything off of the slave disk of a mirror set.

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Considering an IDE raid con... (Below threshold)

Considering an IDE raid controller is about 5 bucks now a days that is very good advice.

Oh...I had fun with softwar... (Below threshold)

Oh...I had fun with software RAID under WinNT 3.51.
Let's just say it wasn't very redundant. Backups are a good good thing. Very very good.






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