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Grammy Notes

Random thoughts about the show...

Warren Zevon finally wins a Grammy!

Richard Marx, Michael McDonald, Earth Wind And Fire, and George Clinton - Was there a time warp?

Hey this Justin Timberlake guy might have a future in music.

Christina Aguileria is still a skank even when she cleans up.

The president of the recording industry is a complete tool... If you're going to announce a propaganda information site, it helps if your domain is actually available. I think the site he mentioned was: http://whatsthedownload.com/


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The website was available a... (Below threshold)

The website was available at the end of the show.

Also, I'm glad someone agrees with me that Justin Timberlake is pretty good. While being pretty mediocre on the keyboard he looked and sounded like a white version of Stevie Wonder. Although his Super Bowl apology just felt like a lie. I guess it hasn't dawned on him that copping a feel in front of millions would be offensive.

What I want to know about ... (Below threshold)

What I want to know about Christina is: could she be pretty? She might be, but how would anyone know? And if she is pretty underneath all that makeup and bad hair, then why would anyone blessed with natural beauty want to screw that up?






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