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Wizbang News

A couple of notes.

  • Text selection should work in all skins. Now you can select and quote Wizbang liberally.
  • Credit for the text selection and color fixes goes to the King Of Fools. If you're in the market for blog design do check out his top notch design serivices.
  • I've got a job! Outsourcing pays off. More on that later.
  • My TiVo should be working in a few days.
  • The twins have started pre-school, and there's no more snow day's in the forecast.

Life is good...


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Comments (8)

Congrats on the job! I know... (Below threshold)

Congrats on the job! I know it's been a long wait.

Thanks! Yes - 2 months.</p... (Below threshold)

Thanks! Yes - 2 months.

Now, those BlogAds will jus... (Below threshold)

Now, those BlogAds will just be extra spendin' money :)

Kevin,Good for you... (Below threshold)


Good for you! Congrats. I hate to see anyone out of work - especially when porn bandwidth is free when you have a job and a computer!

Super congrats on the job! ... (Below threshold)

Super congrats on the job!


Great news, Kevin. So no mo... (Below threshold)

Great news, Kevin. So no more road trips to Richmond, then? Except during weekends, I suspect.

Great news, bout time, job,... (Below threshold)

Great news, bout time, job, money, cool.

congrats Kevin! how could a... (Below threshold)

congrats Kevin! how could an employer not recognise all that talent?!






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