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Fans Trample Hero

This is one of the weirdest things I've heard in a long time. A high school senior lives out every kids childhood fantasy by making the big basket in the final seconds of the big game. Fans rush the court and trample the star player, who then suffers a stroke. He's had already accepted a scholarship to Stanford in volleyball, but as of now his future in athletics is in serious doubt.

Read all about it in the Tucson Citizen


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Comments (3)

The fans thought it was tim... (Below threshold)

The fans thought it was time to throw rocks at the devil.

Mob mentality at its finest... (Below threshold)

Mob mentality at its finest. I certainly hope the young man recovers; what a senseless event.

I apologize for my earlier ... (Below threshold)

I apologize for my earlier comment. This has bugged me for hours. It was mean to the poor guy and the saudi pilgrams. It was funny, but mean beats funny.






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