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White House For Sale

Given the record sums of money taken in by both Democrats and Republicans you'd think this would make a good purchase. Who says you can't buy your way into the White House?
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Whitehouse.com Web site, one of the best examples that the Internet isn't always what it seems, is getting out of the pornography business. Its owner says he's worried what his preschool-age son might think.

"He'll be going to kindergarten next year," said Daniel Parisi, who started the Web site in 1997 that is frequently confused with the official government site, www.whitehouse.gov. Parisi, 44, said he worried that his son's classmates might taunt him about the family's business.
Ah yes, the pornographer with a conscience. I'm sure the $1M plus he's likely to get has nothing to do with his decision...

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I'm sure. But I find his e... (Below threshold)

I'm sure. But I find his explanation plausible. It's one thing to be a smut peddler when you're on your own. It's quite another when you've got kids, I'd think.

It would be best if the Fed... (Below threshold)

It would be best if the Feds could just buy the thing and avoid a lot of confusion. More people have unintentionally found pr0n through that site than any other I know of.
The government spend money on stupider things than that.

So Kevin,How much ... (Below threshold)

So Kevin,

How much have you offered?

Maybe the DNC should by it,... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Maybe the DNC should by it, then they could have some claim to the Whitehouse for the next 4 years.

Put Bush in the Whitehouse,
Put the Ass back in Mass.*

(C) 2004 Rodney Dill
(*At least if Kerry truly becomes the Dem candidate)






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