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American Idol

William Hung, we want more William Hung!!!

William Hung on American Idol
Click image if you want more William Hung!

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She bang! She bang!... (Below threshold)

She bang! She bang!

William Hung Rocks!... (Below threshold)

William Hung Rocks!

Okay. For the next American... (Below threshold)

Okay. For the next American Idol auditions, my twin brother and I will show up as conjoined twins (wearing four-legged pants) and sing "Stuck On You" in the worst voices we can muster.

Then, we'll launch a Web site and sell merchandise. I wonder how much money we'd make. We could even bleg for donations for an "operation" to separate us.

He's hung?... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

He's hung?

I have a theory about Willi... (Below threshold)

I have a theory about William Hung.

1. No one calls him Bill or Billy Hung.
2. He loves Tommy Bahama t-shirts.
3. He likes corn.
4. He owns a rabbit.

Enuf said.






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