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Can You Pass Third Grade?

Take the third grade geography test (Flash required). It's a complete time waster.

And yes, I passed.


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Comments (10)

I don't have the attention ... (Below threshold)

I don't have the attention span of a 3rd grader anymore--I got bored before I could get enough states to pass. :)

Failed horribly. I can hack... (Below threshold)

Failed horribly. I can hack it right up until you get to the eastern seaboard then I'm hosed.
But I can recite all the states in alphabetical order..gotta be worth something.

I guess Michigan's Upper Pe... (Below threshold)

I guess Michigan's Upper Peninsula finally broke off and formed the 51st state since it isn't recognized as part of Michigan. And by the way, where are Alaska and Hawaii? They have been states since the 50's?

Piece of cake. BTW - my wi... (Below threshold)

Piece of cake. BTW - my wife grades 6th grade papers and they were taking a similar test (states plus capitals) and only a few were passing that test. Very sad.

Good question Ken. Hawaii ... (Below threshold)

Good question Ken. Hawaii and Alaska must have been too hard for the flash guy to fit in...

A better test would be to S... (Below threshold)

A better test would be to SKETCH the US map.

Well, I just barely got the... (Below threshold)

Well, I just barely got them all in time. I knew where Delaware was supposed to be, but I kept dragging the damned thing into Maryland or New Jersey. Ditto with VT, NH, and RI.

I guess I'm just a spaz.

It was a challenge on the l... (Below threshold)

It was a challenge on the laptop, but I managed to get them all in time. You can't beat a military chilhood for knowing where the states are - especially those drives across the country.

Thanks, Dad!

What about a third grade sp... (Below threshold)

What about a third grade spelling test. Let's start with the word "geography" :)

Zempt has the worst spell c... (Below threshold)

Zempt has the worst spell checker ever....







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