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Apprentice This!

Donald and Eric Trump

From Wonkette (2/11/04):

20 year-old Georgetown student, Eric Trump, Donald Trump's youngest son, was at Cities in Adams Morgan on Saturday night. He and a group of young friends were seen dancing the night away and drinking straight from a bottle of Absolut. He was looking rather chic in a tan suede blazer.
From the Barbara Walters 20/20 interview (2/6/04):
Trump claims he has never had an alcoholic drink or a cigarette in his life, and encourages his kids to avoid alcohol and cigarettes. When people ask Ivanka why she never went to wild parties there's a simple explanation: "I think the difference is we wouldn't be allowed to. [It's] really as simple as that."

"It's not an option for us," agreed Donald Jr.

Friday night he's on TV espousing the family line and the next night he's rocking the house? What we have here is a failure to communicate...

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I watched that interview an... (Below threshold)

I watched that interview and in young Eric's defense, he was obviously evasive when he was asked if he drank alcohol. The Donald chided him and said something like, "You better not be..."

His older siblings were definitely espousing the family line, but Eric looked like a kid who was being forced to sit through a "family portrait."

Having a father as notoriou... (Below threshold)

Having a father as notorious as the Donald could be tough...

It must be weird being a student, with people knowing that... Having the money is a major plus, though.






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