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Media Moonlighting

The New York Daily News is reporting that New York Times music critic Neil Strauss and Fox News producer Marvin Himmelfarb are moonlighting as scribes for porn star Jenna Jameson.

Editors at The New York Times were were, um, taken aback when they learned that music critic Neil Strauss was ghost-writing Jameson's memoir, "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star." Actually, says a source, "They went insane."

A Times spokeswoman says Strauss and his bosses "had a frank and thorough discussion of outside activities. We would not agree that the editors went 'insane,' or ballistic. They did point out to Neil, with some emphasis, that our guidelines include this passage: 'Before accepting a freelance assignment, a staff member should make sure that the tone and content of the publication, Web site or program are in keeping with the standards of The Times."

Fox News producer Marvin Himmelfarb reportedly became fascinated with Jameson while working on several segments with her. "He talked Jenna into letting him write a porn script," says our source. "It was rejected, if you can believe that."

Given the sullied reputations of the Times and Fox News it sounds like a step up.

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