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Monkey Business

The revelation today on the Drudge Report (only a week behind WatchBlog) that there may be a skeleton (affair) in the closet of John Kerry I was immediatly reminded of Gary Hart.

Here's an interesting article from 2002 by the authors of the original investigative piece in the Miami Herald. They close with a telling quote:

Today, 15 years after we confronted Hart outside his town house, the Hart-Herald story is still the starting point for a continuing debate about the media's responsibility to report on public officials' private lives.
Apparently this kind of investigative journalism is now in progress on Kerry, as it has been for weeks on the Bush Texas Air National Guard story.

Funny thing is whose the one candidate left whose already been battle scared, has been building a war chest, and is ready for a comeback? Howard "Cheesehead" Dean

Note: Watchblog link via InstaPundit.

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Dean? That would be a neate... (Below threshold)

Dean? That would be a neater trick than that Lazurus thing.

Edwards is best positioned to reap the huge reward from a Kerry self-detonation.

What I'm reading around the... (Below threshold)

What I'm reading around the 'sphere is that Edwards is handicapped by having agreed to matching funds. Dean is not thus impaired, and has been raising money like -- like Howard Dean.

<a href="http://www.jsonlin... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


I put this link to article with "Cheesehead" Dean on a post on your site a few days ago.






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