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Paris Hilton - Uncut

Via the New York Post - Page Six comes this tidbit:

While the world saw only a grainy four-minute clip of the raunchy romp between Hilton and Rick Solomon a few months back, the sexstravaganza hit the Internet yesterday in its full-length glory. The 37-minute video - downloadable for $50 - features not only the shadowy green night-vision performance that's become so infamous, but also well-lighted, full-color scenes that prove Hilton is the hardest working woman in show business.
What? You mean we haven't seen the good stuff yet? Page Six editors were played movie critic:
Our favorite bit is a bathroom conversation as Paris - in bra, panties, and thigh-high, stiletto-heeled boots - is preparing for an evening on the town. "Are you gonna make me go to some stupid club?" asks Solomon. "Yes," Paris giggles. "It's Wednesday - it's the Standard." Her frustrated boy-toy replies, "We can't just stay in and you [bleep] my [bleep]?" Paris yelps "Eww!" and warns Solomon, "Don't talk to me like an animal!" Her protest doesn't last long.
Fire up Kazaa!

The full length video, available for the absurd price of $50 for 5 days viewing, is trustfundgirls.com. You can download the digitally encoded Windows Media file here, but you'll have to pay to watch it - unless of course you can figure out a way to crack the DRM.

Update: Some our top minds are on the case here and here. Forum members are posting the movie in the alt.binaries.multimedia.nude.celebrities newsgroup.

Update 2: Web accessible versions available here and here.

In case you're skeptical, here is a screen capture from the film:



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Comments (5)

Hmmm, time to fire up the n... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, time to fire up the newsreader?

Why not, whatthehell.

Great stuff!... (Below threshold)

Great stuff!

time to fire up the news... (Below threshold)

time to fire up the newsreader?

Not me.. I'm confident Kevin will find post a link to it soon saving me the trouble. heh

Hmmm...now how can I turn t... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...now how can I turn this into yet another pornolanche...

I got the full thing from</... (Below threshold)
Paris Fan:

I got the full thing from

http://www.parishilton-sextape.tk for free :D






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