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Pop Tarts

Are you sick of scandal? Me too.

Today we honor that most delectable of breakfast pastry - the Pop Tart. Share your favorite childhood memories or just tell everyone which one you like best. Of course you could say that don't like Pop Tarts, but how likely is that?

Did you know:

You can turn Strawberry Pop Tarts into blow torches?

Finally, my Pop Tart profile:

Well lookie here my dear, you're the Frosted Wild
Berry Pop-Tart! Ah, the irony, you really are a
pop-tart. You enjoy all of the fine fads in
life and just like this insanely flavored
Pop-Tart, you'll give someone a tooth ache too
one of these days.

Oh what? You expected more of an analysis from this
little Pop-Tart Quiz? Yeah? Well there's not
much to tell about you from what kind of
Pop-Tart you like! Ha!

What kind of Pop-Tart are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Comments (3)

Yeah, a Pop Tart blowtorch ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, a Pop Tart blowtorch is fine for the young'ens....but they aren't half as pwerful as Jimmy Dean Sausage TNT and don't even come close to doing the damage that you get with Drumsticks ice-cream hand grenades.

Crumble a brown sugar Pop T... (Below threshold)

Crumble a brown sugar Pop Tart over Breyer's vanilla ice cream. The berry one's taste great as an ice cream topping, too.

Fritz, I'll have to try tha... (Below threshold)

Fritz, I'll have to try that sometime or else they're just a waste because I can't eat the brown sugar ones. Why they put them in the big boxes you get at Sam's Club, I don't know.






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