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New Blog Products

Shelley Powers reviews two new blogging tools that build your pages dynamically (i.e., no rebuilds) WordPress and pMachine Expession Engine. If you've got the urge to try out WordPress, One Fine Jay has a test stie you can register and post at immediately.

In somewhat related news Movable Type 3.0 is nearing alpha testing. Version 3.0 features are listed here.

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WordPress is over <a href="... (Below threshold)

WordPress is over a year old.

Hey kevin, thanks for pimpi... (Below threshold)

Hey kevin, thanks for pimping the fishbowl out. I added sort of a welcome message and all that. It may be a year old, but this current release is by far a totally different animal compared to 0.71.

The Rantblog has been happi... (Below threshold)

The Rantblog has been happily WPing on Blogspot for months already. Love it.

I did a couple recent posts... (Below threshold)

I did a couple recent posts on ExpressionEngine. The first was my impression it was superior but overpriced. The second was my attempt to get the trial version working, which failed miserably and was not worth pursuing further just then.

I like wordpress. I'm using... (Below threshold)

I like wordpress. I'm using it at my BlogHouse site.






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