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You Can Have Jenny's Number

How much would you pay to have 867-5309 as your phone number? Bidding stands at $33,100 with 6 day's left on the auction.

How old is Tommy Tutone's incredibly lame Jenny (867-5309)? Unfortunately I remember it was a hit in 1982. How do I remember this? I saw Tommy Tutone in concert at Disneyland. Damn, that was embarrassing to write. There are, of course, mitigating circumstances.

Senior Night at Disneyland (the original location in Anaheim, CA) 1982, I saw Tommy Tutone at Tomorrowland Amphitheater. It was probably 2:00 AM, and I recall that my crew was on the downside of a serious bender. Senior Night was sort of like the caddy swim hour at the Bushwood Estates pool in Caddyshack, except the tens of thousands of Southern California high school seniors (who were bused to Disneyland and admitted to the park at 10:00 PM) where required to be in dress clothes. Our bus left La Jolla early that evening, but not before our elaborate plan to sneak several cases of beer onto the bus had succeeded. How do you power down all that beer on a 2 hour bus ride? Quickly and quietly!

We arrived at Disneyland sporting a good buzz and ready for fun - or at least as much fun as you could have at the family oriented theme park. We rode the rides, traveled in our pack, and traded barbs back and forth amongst the crew (eight guys). Then tragedy struck. Actually it was the jackbooted Disney police that struck. Somehow we were not privy to the fact that hidden in the sea of blue blazers; big brother Disney had plain clothes security personnel wandering in our midst. Maybe we were just too drunk to notice them...

Anyway, one of my friends - I'll call him Bob (which ironically is his real name) thought that it would be funny to take a pratfall over a railing in response to one of the guys shoving or smacking him. No sooner than he had finished his landing he was accosted by two blazer wearing men who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. They quickly decided he had been drinking and needed to be sent to Disneyland jail. They looked at rest of us and we put on our best "we're not drunk" look and they sent us on our way. Bob was lead off to the Disney re-education camp.

Latter we learned that Disneyland jail was some corridor deep in the bowels of underground Disney. All manner of drunk, stoned, and tripping teens were collected there. It was the ultimate 'E' ticket ride. Bob had stories about freaks and geeks from his hours of captivity, all of which I've forgotten. My only memory of the evening was that Bob got thrown in Disneyland jail - who knew such a thing existed?

After many hours of wandering the park and riding a few rides we end up in near Space Mountain at some amphitheater in Tomorrowland where Tommy Tutone was the headline act. We were now on the downside of our evening's fun, and Tommy was our buzkill.

He sucked then, and still does.


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Comments (6)

Wow. In light of this, I wi... (Below threshold)

Wow. In light of this, I will admit having seen KISS in concert at Magic Mountain in 1978.

Tommy and the Tu Tones. Se... (Below threshold)

Tommy and the Tu Tones. Senior Night, Disney World, Orlando Florida, 1982. I was there!

Fritz - Yeah, but KISS was ... (Below threshold)

Fritz - Yeah, but KISS was cool in 1978.

The group that performed at... (Below threshold)

The group that performed at MY Grad Night at Disneyland...

Rose Royce!

Remember them? They were the one hit wonder with Car Wash.

They are now available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other special events:


Kenny Rogers and the First ... (Below threshold)

Kenny Rogers and the First Edition at the San Diego County Fair, as a teenager.

My cousins and I were all yelling for the second edition to come out and play.

Sonny and Cher, Magic Mount... (Below threshold)

Sonny and Cher, Magic Mountain 1972. I sat in the nose bleeds with my brother. All I can remember seeing is a very tiny Sonny standing next to a nose.






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