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Biased Reviews?

Shockingly, some anonymous user reviews are found to be full of shit!

NEW YORK (AP) - Many sign their names. Many don't.

They're the book reviewers on Amazon.com who use such words as "masterful," "page-turner" and "tear-jerker."

But the ones who sign their critiques only as "a reader from (fill in the city)" lost their anonymity this week when their identities were revealed on Amazon.com's Canadian Web site.

Among those named were authors who posted glowing reviews of their own work, apparently to boost sales.

Next they're going to be telling us that sometimes people get scammed on eBay and others use the Internet at work for unauthorized purposes...


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» DramaQueen linked with grouse! G is great mate!

» DramaQueen linked with grouse! G is great mate!

Comments (2)

No, no, no! Say it's not s... (Below threshold)

No, no, no! Say it's not so!

I kinda prefer the approach... (Below threshold)

I kinda prefer the approach of the fine folks over at Common Sense And Wonder, where the following is posted in the sidebar:

Amazing, astonishing, astounding, miraculous, prodigious, spectacular, staggering, wonderful, wondrous
- Roget's Thesaurus






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