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BlogMadness Round 4

Somehow I've managed to survive this BlogMadness contest to the later rounds. Voting in round 6,314 has begun! OK it's actually only round 4.

Read both entries, then vote. Vote in the other 4th round contests here.

BTW - If you do read both entries, can you explain to me what the hell my competitiors post is about? As of this moment, I'm loosing to a picture of two cats and two glam metal rockers, hrumph...

Comments (3)

It's just a big conglomerat... (Below threshold)

It's just a big conglomeration of individual posts smashed together. Take each little bit separately using the horizontal rules as a post break and it makes sense. I guess she submitted everything she posted from that day?

After further review, that'... (Below threshold)

After further review, that's just how she does her posts. One post per day with the "incidents" separated by a horizontal rule. No idea which part of that thing she actually wanted to submit but I hope it was the "grammar at work" bit 'cause the rest is um...be polite, Jim...it's not really contest worthy stuff.

I preferred your entry this... (Below threshold)

I preferred your entry this round and voted for it. I'm in the Work Bracket (ER-5) if you've got time to review my matchup. Good luck!






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