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When Online Shopping Goes Wrong

This may be one of the most bizarre things you'll see all month: My Mother Is Insane! (Lot's of pictures - very slow over dialup).

It's a visual pictorial of compulsive eBay shopping. The guy's mom must be cruising for a Dr. Phil intervention or an Oprah appearance. They usually find dead old people in houses like that!


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Comments (3)

An elderly neighbor of mine... (Below threshold)

An elderly neighbor of mine was so addicted to the Home Shopping Network she had five or more packages delivered each day. She had dozens of them stacked up in her apartment unopened.

All that stuff a in the hou... (Below threshold)

All that stuff a in the house and her still buying even more stuff is a psychosis.

Okay, but that is the "extr... (Below threshold)

Okay, but that is the "extreme" end of the scale. Most people find internet shopping a convenience, not an addiction...






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