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Burn your Jacksons!

It has been widely reported that the American $20 bill is the most counterfeited form of currency in history. Certainly the fact that the treasury has redesigned it twice in recent years would affirm that notion. However, that hasn't seemed to work so far. I would like to offer this modest proposal to reform our currency:

The time has come to abolish the $20 bill entirely and replace it with a $25 bill. Besides the counterfeiting argument, it would serve two other valuable functions:
1) It would replace 3 bills (2 10's and a 5), while a 20 merely replaces 2.
2) It would bring our paper currency denominations in line with our coin denominations -- 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100. (We'll ignore the $2 bill for this argument).

So, everyone, write your Senators and Representatives and tell 'em it's time do dump the sawbuck, and give us the quarter-c note!

Jay Tea
([email protected])

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Perhaps I am missing someth... (Below threshold)

Perhaps I am missing something in my sleep-addled state, but how does abolishing one form of currency and replacing it with another prevent/lessen counterfeiting? It seems to be, at first blush, that people who want to counterfeit would still take action to counterfeit a $25 bill as well. Initially, were this in place today, it would slow the counterfeiters down...but not much.

Although I do like the thought of it being in line with the coins we use (barring, of course, the $2 bill.)

It is the most counterfeite... (Below threshold)

It is the most counterfeited because it is a common demonination, but still holds a decent value. People would remember if some dude was going around blowing 50s or 100s. So while a $25 bill would not prevent counterfeiting, it sure would make all us obsessive compulsive people sleep better.

Replacing one form of curre... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Replacing one form of currency with another serves to reduce conterfeiting by serving as a time to introduce changed and/or improved anti-counterfeiting measures. This is just as easily achieved my redesigning a bill of the same denomination.

OK, the counterfeiting elem... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

OK, the counterfeiting element was just a hook to get into my 10-year-old crackpot idea. It was a long day at work today, and I wanted to toss out SOMETHING while the mike was still open, and the currency thing was the only thing that sprang to mind on short notice.

(already working on fart jokes for this week's caption contest...)

Yeah, I was just giving you... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I was just giving you a hard time... :-)

Jay Tea, Well if <... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Jay Tea,

Well if This is the caption contest or if any other picture with John Kerry pointing something is used, please come up with a different caption.

(Or at least give me the chance to go first)


Rodney:I really th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:


I really think I've worn out the "pull my finger" bit. For that one, I think I'd have to go more towards something like "Hey, America! Smell my finger!" or "That intern. Have her bathed and sent to my tent."


Only if they replace Andrew... (Below threshold)

Only if they replace Andrew Jackson with Samuel L. Jackson.

Instead of "In God We Trust" we could put "What's your problem, bitch?" on the bills.

My twenties replace four bi... (Below threshold)

My twenties replace four bills ($5s). Or three bills ($10+2 $5s). In fact, they replace 20 bills! ($1s). And...up to 2000 coins!

I will fight your attempt to replace my super-efficient 20-dollar bills with all of my strength. You...you...denominatory fascist!






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