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Can I Go Pee . . . Please?

I'd hate to be a student at this school:

Under a new policy at the Lawrence Middle School, seventh- and eighth-graders are allowed to leave class for the bathroom a maximum of 15 times a month. As a result, some are afraid to use up their bathroom passes too quickly and end up with a full bladder and nowhere to go.

School officials defend the policy as a way to ensure safety, security and order. But some parents say the system goes too far. The right to go to the bathroom, they say, is a health and civil rights issue and as taxpayers, they think it is a freedom they pay for.

"When my son Matthew used all his passes, he was then told he couldn't go to the bathroom," parent Susan Gregory said in a published report. "We called the school and were told the bathroom is a privilege, not a right.

"This is utterly ridiculous. Now my son doesn't want to go to the bathroom at school," she said. "He says he won't drink or he'll hold it until he gets home. This can't be healthy."

Urologists say the practice can lead to infections and incontinence.

"Common sense tells you the policy doesn't make any sense," said Dr. Christopher S. Cooper, an associate professor of urology at the University of Iowa who specializes in pediatric urology. "When children need to go, they should be allowed to go. It isn't good to hold it in or drink less fluids. It could have long-term effects on a child's health."

Reportedly, school officials have cited bomb threats and students skipping classes as the reason for the bathroom restrictions. I'm not sure how keeping students out of the bathroom is an effective response to bomb threats. I just hope the Department of Homeland Security doesn't get any funny ideas.

Posted by: Resonance.


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Comments (8)

I can see that policy lasti... (Below threshold)

I can see that policy lasting about as long as it takes for the first student to pee all over the floor.

If you ever saw the old Bur... (Below threshold)

If you ever saw the old Burt Reynolds/Kris Kristoferson football movie Semi-Tough there was a scene in a weekend EST session where Burt made it through the weekend with a cowboy catheter. Maybe someone should be selling those to the students.

Wow, the bathroom is now a ... (Below threshold)

Wow, the bathroom is now a privilege and not a right. Fine. The next time a child is denied his/her privilege, he/she should make it his/her constitutional right to pee where they sit and make the high-handed school officials clean it up AND explain it to the parents. That is so freaking ridiculous.

The boys can deal with it b... (Below threshold)

The boys can deal with it by just bringing empty gallon jugs into class with them. The girls are going to need bedpans.

I'd say a man must have mad... (Below threshold)

I'd say a man must have made up that policy - what do menstruating females do? I wouldn't go to school four days a month.

I seem to recall a news ite... (Below threshold)

I seem to recall a news item from several years ago about a teenage girl who successfully sued a school for being resposible for a chronic bladder infection that resulted from a similar policy. This school is really asking for it.

One of the most embaressing... (Below threshold)

One of the most embaressing moments of my life would be the time in junior high when one of my teachers said I couldn't be excussed to go to the restroom. I was expected to finish taking role call. I did pee myself right in front of the entire class - I was wearing a skirt with nylons so it was so clear what happened.
Then only then I was excused to go to the principles office. Then after phone call to the parent I was allowed to go home to change. It was very hard to have any courage to return to school the same day.

That has got to be the most... (Below threshold)

That has got to be the most rediculis thing I have ever heard in my life!!! Seriously, when you have to go, you have to go!!! If I went to that school, I would pee all over the person who made up that idiotic rule.






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